Behringer DCX2496 Undocumented Test Modes

Found these by accident and didn’t see them documented anywhere online. These actually became very useful to me for reasons I’ll explain in a future blog post :)

These exist in firmware version 1.18A, not sure about others. Hold while powering on.

  • COMPARE + SETUP + SUM - Production Test, system functions
  • MUTE + STORE + RECALL - Production Test, audio functions

This is in addition to the following, which are documented. Again, hold while powering on.

  • IN A - Receive firmware update over RS-232
  • PAGE LEFT + PAGE RIGHT - Factory reset

COMPARE + SETUP + SUM will take you through the following steps, pressing OK to continue to the next:

  1. LCD Test - Displays some test patterns, rotate knob to set contrast
  2. LED Test - All LEDs on
  3. LED Test - LED matrix column test
  4. LED Test - LED matrix row test
  5. Button Test - Press all buttons, then you can press OK
  6. Encoder Test - Rotate knob to +/- 20 steps, then you can press OK
  7. RS232 Test - Not sure what data this sends or expects to receive. Maybe wants a loopback?
  8. RS485 Test - Sends alternating high, low, and off levels on RS-485
  9. Testing Flash - Erases and reads and writes some blocks. Might wipe your settings!
  10. Testing 96kHz - Always just says “SAMPLE RATE: OK”. Not sure what exactly it is testing.

And the following for MUTE + STORE + RECALL:

  1. Analog Out Test: All Digital Zero
  2. Analog Out Test: All 1kHz -2dBFS - Note this one is probably going to be pretty exciting if you have speakers connected.
  3. Analog Out Test: All 1kHz -2dBFS, Active Analog Mute
  4. Analog In Test: IN A to OUT 1 + 4
  5. Analog In Test: IN B to OUT 2 + 5
  6. Analog In Test: IN C to OUT 3 + 6
  7. Analog In Test: IN C to OUT 3 + 6, Second Gain Stage
  8. Digital In Test: IN A to OUT 1 + 2
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